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ONE and ONLY offers dishes using plenty of local ingredients, such as Biei vegetables grown with great care by farmers in Biei. The manager, who is also a chef and vegetable sommelier, offers creative dishes that maximize the taste of seasonal ingredients. In addition, the landlady, a nutritionist and fermentation advisor, will provide a menu that will make you feel better from your body according to the age and physical condition of each customer. We will treat you with meals tailored to each customer’s taste for both breakfast and dinner.


course menu

We can respond to your requests, such as adding main dishes. Please let us know at the time of reservation.

Fresh venison is soaked in fermented seasonings and served as roasts, steaks, stewed dishes, etc.

If you add beef or seafood, it will be +1,100 yen each.

We will prepare one plate according to children’s preferences so that not only adults but also children can enjoy their meals. Please let us know your request at the time of reservation. ※Children under elementary school age can order.


You can choose freshly cooked rice with Biei rice or freshly baked bread with Biei wheat. ※Children under elementary school age can be offered for 1,650 yen.

※We will serve freshly picked ingredients on the day of your stay, so the course changes every time.

※All the above amounts include tax.

We offer various meals according to your request, from a full course that eats up Biei’s ingredients, Japanese gozen, one-plate rice, BBQ, etc. We will also respond to the requests of vegans and people with allergies, so please feel free to contact us.

Of course, you can also use it without meals or breakfast only.