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Please make a reservation for accommodation from the following site.

ONE and ONLY is limited to one group per day to listen to each customer’s request for meals and stay plans, and to provide maximum hospitality.

If you would like a meal or optional service, please make a reservation for a room on the above site and let us know your request from the form below.

Meals and optional service application form

Meals and Option service

Reservation calendar

If you can’t see the reservation calendar well, please try changing your browser. You may not be able to display it well in the Safari browser.
Or, please change your privacy settings as follows.

Example on iPhone

Home screen → “Settings” → “Safari” → “Privacy and Security” → “Prevent cross-site tracking”
If it is difficult to confirm on the reservation calendar, please fill in the request column of the application form and apply for it, and we will check the availability.