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Our thoughts

We have been involved in the management of inns in Nagano, Futo in Izu, Nasu Kogen, and Mikurajima in the Izu Islands, and in an environment where you can meet various ingredients from mountain foods to seafood. The reason why we arrived at Biei is because there are “one and only” ingredients brought from nature here.

“Biei Wagyu beef, Biei pork, Biei wheat, Biei vegetables.
The ingredients grown by the vast land with a large temperature difference and the clean water flowing from the Tokachidake mountain range have a delicious taste that can not be tasted anywhere else. Vegetables in particular are exceptional. As a vegetable sommelier, I wanted to entertain everyone with dishes using this vegetable. That was the decisive factor in coming to Biei.”

A beautiful natural landscape that continues forever, cute wild animals such as naki rabbits, Kita foxes, and Ezo squirrels, and various four seasons that show different faces every time you visit. They will definitely impress you. Moreover, it only takes 20 minutes from the airport.

Thoughts for guest

“The most rewarding thing for us is to be able to see everyone’s happy smiles. I would like to welcome the customers I have met in various places and the customers I will meet in this vast and beautiful land, and I will be impressed, enjoy, and make memories together. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of your smiles.

We will prepare a one-of-a-kind plan that suits each of you, so why don’t you visit ONE and ONLY in Biei?”